18 Maret, 2009

Wise words

Love is beautiful gift from ALLAH

So don’t make love bother you

Although sometimes love can hurt you

_by bbk_

Love like a candy, is so sweet…

But.. remember don’t enjoy it to much!

Cuz it’s not only make you teethache

But also can make you heartache

_by bbk_

Love like your shadow, always be with you

If you still waiting here


Don’t run by force to get it


Love will run away from you

As fast as you

_by bbk_

I’m here, notice you and admire you everyday

Although you never admire me even see me for a while

I realize that.. you can’t be mine…

So.. I promise, I will forget my love for you

Although I can’t forget you.

Now, I’m still here but.. I don’t see you anymore

I only see my future, cause I know..

The new days have waited me..


I promise I will do the best to

Live my life….

_by bbk_

So many times, it happens to fast. You change your passion for glory. Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past. You must fight just to keep them alive.

_by nn_